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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  March 23, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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karen parks. jeff barnd is off tonightt for thee irst time since a altimore cityy police officer's suspensioo.... we hear ffom &pthe womann.... who's cell phone the officer is accused of taaing..... and it was all because she wws rrcording him making a traffic stop. stop. here's joy lepola with you ssw first on fox. officer paul southard... is the officer out of the police commissionerrsuspended earlier thhs week because he forced a woman to stop recording him by grabbing her &pcellphonn. the woman who made that recording agreed to sst down with us earlier. her name is bernadette. she asked we not what she had o say about the &pofficer.... who is now under investigation for abusingghis pollce power earlier this 13:41:288he was very anggy at this phone. i think he may have thooght i caught something i wasn't supposed o &pi don't really know what made him so upsett it wasn't like i had the cell phone right in hissface. he left whatever
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&pwwat he as doing to come et the phone 43 43 aa we werr investiggting... southard we 2006 which became a key piece of evidence in a federal lawsuit iled bb the a-c-l-u aad n-double- c-p several several officers. the case centered around illegal arreets. take a look.... again grabbing a person's cell phone. attorney's for the a-ccl-u say if ny officer should nnw rrcorded.... it is officer ingg paul southard. again, southard has been suspenddd pending an internal affairs investigation. joy lepola fox 45 news t 5:30.. see more of tte confrootation online... ...and hear everything policeecommissioner fred bealefeld had to say... just gg to foxbaltimore dot com slash raw news. a guilty plea ... from the
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last of 17 police officers charged innthe towing kick-back scheme in baltimore baltimorejamie louis lugo sent car crash victims to "majestic" towing in exchange for cash.he'd get 300 doolars for each ccr that went to majestic towing...lugo will bb sentenced in june. student at a howard she knows ay be facing charges after a wild video goes viral on the internet. 3((nats)) ((nats))the video was shot outside longreach high school in columbia.police say a mann showed up at the school in a pki mask to confront a male student. but instead the mall student punches the masked man and knocks the man oot. police say the intruder came to the school after a food fight between two students. "everybody couldn't beeieve that he got knocked out...fell aaleep onnthe floor: floor:so far school officials have not taken action against any of the students involved in theeincident. a royal caribbean employee has
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plead guilty to sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl on baltimore. prosecutors say it pappened last december aboard the enchantment oo the ssas. the employee, fabiin palmer, must egisttr as a sexx offender and could face p to 15 years in prissn when he's sentenced in june. police are searching for a man pho sexually assaulted a realtor whill previewing a happened wednesddy at this house on dupont avenue. pplice say the realttr was attackeddwhile preparing the house to show a client. cpl mike rodriquez/prince georges county police: "an unknown suspect went in behind her through an unsscuree door, grabbed her and sexuallyy assaulted her then fled the sce" scene" police anvassed the area last night passing ouu fly ers, they're oping and pollce bust a p-g ounty parber shop for selling sttlen goods, incluuing bottles of tide deterggnt.four people were arrested after police say they found a dozen bottles of
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tide detergent, dove body ash and counterfeit blue jeans and shoes. the goods, totaling more thaa 25 thousand dollars, were being sood out of the back of the barbershop. police say ide has become a hot item on the black market, and can be used to buy drugs. attorneys on both sides of a controversial pregancy center policy... argued theirrcases befooe a federal courr today. the lawsuit stems from a city ordinance requiring pregnancy counneling centers that don't provide abortions r birth control to post disclaimers stating so.the archdiocese of baltimore challenged that policy calling it unconstitional, and a lower court judge greed. now, a lawyer for baltimoree ity is appealing that decision... asking a paaelloo judges to reverre the rrling and uphold the llw. the case of twin brothers setting a pit bbll on fire in west baltimore headed to myranda stephens is live outside the mitcheel the case has taken so long to
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reach thhs point. the oriiinallcass against trrvers and trrmayye johnson ended in a misttial last february - and now ffer being postponee ffur times - the re-trial is about to begin again. 3 of setting fire to a female d - piibull - named phoenix - back innmay 2009. the dog's injuries were o bad - she in court today - both sides wenttthrough pre-trial motions defense to throw out by the --3 surveillance video from the crime scene. they brought in a video analysis expert - who claims the video has flaws and is not reliable evidence. no word tonight on whether tte defense's motion as granted. begin onnmondayyllve outside mitchell courthouse, ms, ffx45 news at 5:33. imagine beinn on a job innerview... and an employer asking you for your faceeook login and password.
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password.that's what robert collinsssays happened to him... at the maryland department of corrections. after taking a leave of absence... colliis had to go through another evaluation... and was stunned when his pmployee assed for his facebook password. collins says he complied... because he dddn't waat to lose his job. "i'm ike-so what xactly are you doing? what are you looking foo? i'm looking through your messsges, through your wall, through your piccures and through yourr not flashing any gang siins or involveddin any illegal activity,,i was just mmrtified. i just thought that crossed the line." line."the department of corrections has now changed its policy so candidates dont have to share their passwords. but job applicants can still pe asked to login... as an interviewer looks over their shoulder. that brings ussto our question of the day... should emmlooers be allowed to ask for your
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facebook passsord? go to fox-baltimmre dot com and teel us what you think. you can also sound off tthough facebook. send us a tweet... at foxbaltimore. aad you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45aafor yes.. or fox45b for no. how are the roads looking ttnig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. report.
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the house pprovessa budget ffes. how much more it could cost you. 3 3 you know, if i had a son he'd look like trayvon. more fallout frrm the death of a florida een gunned down... parents. and road rageecaught on camera..... what prompted a driver to run down this woman with her car. 3 p-adlib weather tz-- girl: i want to tell you about my friend. his name is ben. ben learned about a homeless boy who had an infected tooth, and the boy died.
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that made ben really sad. he wrote a law so every kid can see a dentist. we have special dental van that goes from school to school. he even helps make sure we learn how to brush our teeth. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message.
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roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months. roundup extended control higherfeessit's all part of governoro'malley's budget...givenfinal approval today by thehouse of delegates. but s john rydell tells us... lawmakers are still bitterly details...john... 3karen... 43-delegates... actually voted... againstthe budgett even more...voted "no" series of tax increases.g fora but it wasn't enough...toblock dollar budget. those earring more...than 100-thousand dollars...will pay...higher income taxes.and double...theso-callee flush tax....from 30-dollars... to
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60-dollars... a year. &prepublicans...say the ssill...spendingtoo much...year after year. (o'donnell) "2012, 34.8 billion dollarss this year, 35.9 billion dollars. this state budget hasn't been cut, it's up a billion dollars a year." (barre) "as a marylander, i am happy to sttnd onn his floor and defend a balanned budggt, a triple a bond rating, the best ppblic pchool system in america." the senate...hassalready passed...its own versionof tte's much differentt.. the house.those - differences...willhave to be aconference committee.john rydell, fox 45 newssat 5:30. two years ago ttday, heaath care reform bill into law. it's a bittersweet anniveesary for the resident, as republicans ramp up their efforts to repeal the law.they forcing americans to bby yesterday, the republican-led
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the law -- a proposed advisory &pboard that would recommend ho sen. mitch mccoonell: summmng it up, it's a mess, this law ps a mess. itts the single worst piece of legislation the time that i've been here. the single biggest stepp n europeanizing america. amerrca. next week, the supreme court will beggn hearing aaguments abouu whether the law is constitutional. meanwhile, dozens of rallies in the name of religiouis freedom were staggd across the u-s today.. including in baltimore. baltimore. "cllpping... freedom, freedom, " freedomm hundreds f pro-life supporters gathered downtown to protest the health and human services mandate... which requires religious organizations and churches to pay for birtt control and drugs that may cause abortions. this is not abouttbirth control, its not about ccntraception, it is aboutt tellinn people of ffith that the federal govt has a belief and your belief better agree with them no matter what your
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religion dictates. another rally was held in bel air... catholic bishops and pro-life groups are vowing to continue fighting he mandate, until it's the controversy continues over unarmed florida teen who was gunned ddwn by a neighborhood watch captain. 3 ---al sharppon:arrest zimmerman now, cheering. ---- ---- thousands oined the reverend al sharpton at a rally for justice thursday.... they're &pcalling for the arrest of ggorge zimmerman who claimsshe shot trayvon martin in sell defense. police say there's nn evidence to dispute that..but today, presidenttobama spoke pnvestigated. would be fuuly obama: you know, if i had a pon he'd look llke trayvon. i think they are right to expect ttat all of us as americcs are &pgoing to take this with the seriousness it deserves and we will get to the bottom of
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exactly what happened." tte justice department has opened a civil rights police chief tempprarily sanfor stepped down yesterday amid a shocking caseeof road rage caughh on camera.... two omen in califorria get into a fighh in a store parking lot and you pedestrian- reachhinto the van times..the driver then runns the woman down with her carr she's expected to be ok. police arrested the driver. 3 ----"make sure hey remember you... shooting arrow."----- arrow."----- let the hungerr gamms bbgin... what baltimore fansshad to say aaout the moss anticipated movie offthe year. 3 --adlib weather tz-- the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine
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so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. anticipated mooie of thee
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year... and the wait is finally over. pver.--prim! i volunteer, i volunteer as tribute.--- tribute.---"the hunger games" hht theaters aa mmdnight.the futuristic society here kkds are forced to battle each other to their death. it's based on the first book in a trilogy by suzanne collins.the
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novel's following had fans across the country.. and here in baltimore... lining p to opened. it was great i jumped it got me mei loved the mmvie i've read the book they stayed close to plot when they deviattd it didnt take away from tone of the wayythe books went went the mmvie is expected to opening weekend. 3many people took the enjoy today's wonderfullde nd weather. 3 "just enjoying the weather man, going for a littleeskate." skate."going to the parks, we're heaaing up to federal park right now. now.yeahhits bben greet, and the lowers bloooed so early this yeer, so we really enjoyed that. that.lots oo people ouu and about at the inner harbor, certainly feels like spring is here. 3 3 lasts... looks like some rain
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could be moving in this weekend. meteorologistttony pagnotti is herr with your skywatch foreccst. 3 a llttle survivor named
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after the singer beyonce .... the incredible wwy this puppy got it's name. welcome back... i'm joel d smith...after
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pemaining relatively quiet on the free agent front...thee ravens found the checkbook today, nd signed 4 players... none bigger than retaining the man.... next to ray lewis... lewis... jameel mcclain agrees to a 3-year deal tt stay in pinebacker is coming off his -
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best season...2nd on the team with 84 tackles and proving he can step in for lewis when year he started for rry. mcclain signed with tte avens as an undrafted rookie out of first big contract???.... 3 aaother linebacker is returing...brendon ayanbadejo signs his own 3-yeaa contract with the ravens...he's a viable backup aad a leader on ppecial teams...ayanbadejo was 2nddon the team in special teamm ttckles last year and is
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a 3-timm pro bowler...the ravens anked 31st in kick coverage last year and 24tt in covering punns... onntap foo signed former bears conerback corey graham and cardinals safety sean conssdine... an oriooes firss round pitching prrspect is going to miss the which nfl player allegedly had his heaa couutesy of greg williams......and our high school game of the's all tonighh at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited... we're loviig this beautfil weathhr, but oor luck may be running outt out. let's check back with meteorologist tony pagnotti to see what's in store for the weekend. 3 3 &p throw our dog a bone today...
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it'' ational puppy day. and in honor of that... we just have to show you this littll on. one. this puppy....could verr well be he orld's smallest dog.... about the size of an iphone.her name is "beyonce"".. afttr the that'ssbecause, whhn she was born the puppy had o be given mouth-to-mouth resuscitaaton alive. now... at two tay &pweeks ood, she's doing well.. 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30.we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... 11...we'll see you later. later.
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